SEO Tips For Lawyers

seo for lawyers


As with any service provider, attorneys today are having to deal with more online competition, changes in consumer shopping behavior, and obstacles related to online marketing. This is making the need for search engine optimization training even more obvious.

Today we’re sharing some actionable SEO tips for lawyers to help rank their sites on the first page of the top search engines.

Keyword Research

This is the first step in website optimization. They should focus on keywords that indicate the searcher is ready to sign up for your legal services. The terms should also have a solid search volume to ensure a website will receive adequate traffic. For example, “Miami car accident lawyer” may receive more searches than “Miami car accident attorney,” as there are more searches for the word “attorney” than for “lawyer.”

Attorney-Specific CTAs

A call-to-action on any site is intended to get the visitor to act. These are different for lawyers and require additional planning as it relates to SEO. Attorneys should place their CTAs above the point at which people have to start scrolling to see more information. A phone number should be added to every page of the website in a conspicuous location.

Creation of Content Umbrellas

Google crawls and indexes content in a systematic and methodical manner. Organization of the information on the internet works best when there is a unique page for each practice area, which makes it easier for people to find content.

Posting of Content Created For Lawyers By Lawyers

Another distinctive aspect of lawyer SEO is that content needs to be prepared by legal professionals. Some states have stringent guidelines about publishing legal advice online.

Maintaining Visibility In Local Search

Lawyers serve local demographics and there is often no lack of competition, which makes local SEO even more important. With Google My Business, they are making money from local search with advertisements that vie for valuable local search real estate.

Link Building

Google has stated that links are one of the top factors that determine where pages are listed in search. Lawyers need to spend time obtaining links from relevant and top-quality sources. The higher the number of top-quality links pointing to a lawyer’s website, the more likely that site is to position well for its target keyword phrases.

How Can We Help?

As a busy legal professional, the last thing you have time for is optimizing your website. This is where we can help. Our team of SEO specialists work exclusively within the legal industry and understand exactly what you need to market yourself, and your business on the internet.  We can ensure that your business website is picked up by search engines. Find out more today!

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